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About Us

Julian Darley and Celine Rich are filmmakers who want to make high-quality, sophisticated and charming movies inspired by the golden ages of Hollywood, Britain & Europe. They see there is an appetite for this type of movie with the success of The King's Speech and The Artist, but few places for new filmmakers to get this type of project funded or seen. They have been developing Cardora Moviecards since summer 2013 to help connect filmmakers with audiences and funding.

Cardora Moviecards is an online personalized movie-greeting card service offering high quality, charming and beautiful story-driven micro-movies for adults and children. Moviecards can be received on all desktops, tablets and smartphones and can currently be sent from desktops and laptops. We will be offering mobile sending apps soon.

Each moviecard contains a micro-movie (about 1-2 mins long) which will be a complete story or idea. Then the sender adds a personal greeting for the card and, if they wish, they can also add a photograph and audio message or video selfie which plays at the end.

Moviecards contain either a charming and intriguing story or some kind of vignette or tableau vivant. They all have lovely music, often specially composed. There is a 'Respond' button so that recipients can say 'Thank you' to senders. Where appropriate, there is also a little description or explanation about the things in the movie, especially if there is some educational value.

We hope that you will enjoy sending and receiving moviecards and we will be adding more moviecards soon to increase your selection and enjoyment.

If you have any comments or questions about Cardora Moviecards or the Film Festival, please email