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Celine Rich.

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Celine Rich.


Artistic Statement

Mysterious Movies aim to make movies which are sophisticated, but they may also be screwball, sexy, or scary, while often exploring more serious themes. We have action set in lands and cultures as far apart as America and Kazakhstan, Oxford and Texas, London and Paris.

We explore themes ranging from the banking crisis, sultry espionage and political intrigue through cyber crime and government deception to suicide military missions and cut-throat newsrooms. If you liked The King's Speech, Midnight In Paris or North By Northwest then we may have something for you.


Celine began her love of films as a girl when her parents sent her to the local movie theatre (in Chilliwack, British Columbia) every week so that they could cope with the Friday night rush in their family restaurant.

Celine's first love was fashion design and making clothes. From there she transferred her making skills to the world of sculpture, public art and organising. In art school, Celine worked on many films as costume maker & designer, set decorator and production assistant.

Celine the Mysterious Movies producer. She also make short collage and poem films for Cardora.



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