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Carolyn Scott

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Carolyn Scott


Artistic Statement

I have been living in the Valley of the Moon for almost thirty years. I have the cancer, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma now linked to exposure to RoundUp. Napa and Sonoma Counties have the highest blood cancers in California. I worked on a documentary about Roundup in 2009 in Ojai, California and was heavily exposed at that time - as well as living in a region with the highest use of this toxic chemical. As an award winning documentary filmmaker and long time environmental educator I am passionate about starting a campaign to get glyphosate out of our vineyards and eco-system. As a first step; my team has produced a satirical AD which you can find here on our website: Let’s get Glyphosate out of our vineyards and join the other countries who have banned this toxic herbicide. Please join me in this fight to protect our environment.



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