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Cardora Film Festival Rules and Terms of Entry



1) should ideally be roughly a minute long - but don't panic if yours is longer if it is really engaging.

2) must have some charm or wit (or both!).

3) must be intelligent.

4) must be appropriate for people of all ages and and therefore must NOT contain violence, nastiness, foul language or explicit sex.

5) may be a proper story, but does not have to be. For instance, movies can be a tableau vivant, beautiful nature shots with music, an illustrated poem, a quirky animation.

6) may have dialogue and/or music or be silent or just have sound effects. Movies may be in any language, though if not in English, a version with English subtitles must be supplied.

7) may be live action or animation or a mixture.



Cardora Film Festival entry rules and terms and conditions

1) What is Cardora MovieCards?
a) Cardora MovieCards is a distribution platform for micro-movies made by the best independent filmmakers.. The micro-movies are turned into MovieCards when a sender adds a personal message at the front and the end of the movie. Cardora enables moviemakers to build a fan base and have a wider range of people see their work. Moviemakers can also gain revenue through winning the competition and all micro-movies featured on Cardora MovieCards are eligible for profit share.

2) Why should I get involved?
a) Cardora MovieCards can help you build your audience in preparation for Crowdfunding and traditional finance raising. An audience will see your work. You will get a share of the revenue when your micro-movie is turned into a MovieCard and you can use this money to make more movies!

3) How long can my movie be?
a) Ideally the movies will be about one minute long. We will also accept movies which are a bit longer or shorter as long as they tell a good story and have high production values.

4) Can I enter movies I have made before?
a) Yes. You can enter any movie that you have made ever! It just needs to be in a format that can be shown on the internet and you have to hold all the rights to the picture and sound.
b) You can even re-edit movies in your catalogue to fit the time and story requirement of Cardora.
c) Please no ads or commercials

5) Can I make a movie especially for Cardora?
a) Yes, that would be great! You could make a movie for a special occasion or holiday.
b) This may be advantageous for you because you get paid 30% of monthly revenues from your movies being sent as MovieCards on Cardora. This will be proportionate to the number of times your movie or movies are sent out in a MovieCard. If you make a popular card you will get paid more. For example you could make a super charming Christmas movie or a very funny birthday movie.

6) Can I apply from anywhere in the world?
a)Yes. We will accept movies from filmmakers anywhere in the world.

7) How do I send you my movie?
a) Send us a link so that we can watch your micro-movie online. Cardora is non-exclusive so it is OK if your film is on Youtube, Vimeo or some other site.

8) What happens if I win?
a) Winners will be displayed as they are selected all winners are in the running for the Grand Prize!
b) The Grand Prize will be announced on or around 1 week after the festival closes Winners need to upload a high quality version of their film to Cardora
c) We will make a 6 second trailer/promo for your movie which the public will be able to send out to promote your movie
d) Winners will be assigned a promotion page where they can upload information about themselves and their film work
e) Winners will be given a membership to Cardora and they can use all the services of the site for a year
f) Winners agree to participate in any media work or interviews to promote themselves and Cardora
g) Winners get paid 30% of monthly revenues from their movies being sent as MovieCards on Cardora. This will be proportionate to the number of times your movie or movies are sent out in a MovieCard.

9) I have used a commercial song, can I send you my movie?
a) No! Not unless you have the world wide rights to use the song. You must have the right to use all the music and sound effects in your film.

10) When is the deadline?
a)We have rolling deadlines. See the front of the website for the most current date.

11) What kind of films are you looking for?
a)We are looking for movies which:
are charming, witty and funny
have high production values and great sound
meets PG13 or 12 A guidlines

12) When is the prize announced?
a) The prize will be announced on a rolling basis. See Festival page for current announcement date.

13) How long will my film be on Cardora?
a) As long as you would like to leave it on Cardora.

14) How much does it cost to enter Cardora?
a) $10.00 per movie entry. You can enter as many movies as you like.

15) How often will you run the Cardora MovieCard Festival Competition?
a) We will run the competition regularly. Sign up for our mailing list and we will keep you posted on future submission dates.

16) Can I have shown my movie in a film festival &/or online?
a)Yes you can have shown your film publically and have run it online. We are not looking for exclusivity.

17) What format do you want the movie in?
a) To submit, just send us a link to your movie then if you are selected, we will ask you to send us the movie with the following specs:
- Ideally a ratio of 16:9
- a frame rate is 24fps or higher
- 1080 p

18) How many micro-movies are chosen to become a Cardora MovieCard per competition?
a) As many or few as the judges feel is appropriate to become a Cardora MovieCard. That could be all or none.

19) Do you accept animation?
a)Yes, send in your animations or hybrid live action/animations.

20) Can I submit something that has been shown before?
a) Yes. We are not looking for exclusive content. You just have to own all the rights to the picture and sound.

21) Will I keep the copyright to my film?
a) Yes. You own the copyright to your film. If you win Cardora MovieCards is agreeing to distribute your film.

22) Can I remove my film?
a) Yes. If you decide you no longer want to display your film on Cardora MovieCards you may ask us to take it down.

23) What are the Terms and Conditions of entering Cardora MovieCard Festival?
a) You must certify that you have made this movie.
b) You must certify that you have permission and rights to use all images of people and places appearing in the submitted movie.
c) You must certify that you have permission and rights to use all music and sounds heard in the submitted movie.
d) We reserve the right not to issue the prize if there are no suitable applicants.
e) We reserve the right to take down any movies at any time for any reason.
f) We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time which will take effect from the date of posting on the website.
g) Where appropriate, we collect and hold your name, address, email address and similar information, which collectively we call "Personal Data". We undertake to maintain your privacy within the framework of the law. We shall not pass Personal h) Data to any third party unless we have received your permission to do so. If we have received your permission to do so, we will from time to time use Personal Data to inform you of our latest services, offers etc. and the offers or services of third parties. Our guiding principle is that your Personal Data is only held to allow us to support and improve your relationship with Cardora.
i) So far as lawfully possible, we exclude all liability to you in contract or delict (negligence) (other than negligence by us which gives rise to personal injury or death). We also exclude liability for any consequential or indirect loss, which may be caused to you by us.
j) No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.
k) The winner will be contacted via email. The judges' decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
l) By entering the competition the winner agrees to participate in such promotional activity and material as Cardora MovieCards Film Festival may require.
m) The prize will not be transferable to another person.
n) Incorrectly completed entries will be disqualified.

If you have any comments or questions about Cardora Moviecards or the Film Festival, please email